The Head or Beard

This is a no-nonsense all over clipper haircut or beard trim at one length without fading, washing or shaving outlines.Just sit back and relax and let us finish our work making you looking sharper.

The Gent Shave

During this shave you can relax laying back in the barber chair. The traditional treatment includes a pre-shave lather, hot towel, clean shave, cold towel, and aftershave.

The King’s Cut

A royal treatment during which your hair is cut in a ‘gentlemen’-style. Your hair will be cut with clippers and/or scissors, finished with a hot lather neck shave. After the haircut you have the option to get your hair washed which will leave your hair feeling refreshed.

The Mountain Men

Your beard is cut, outlined and shaped with scissors and clippers according your preference and finished with a hot towel.


Men's Haircut


Haircut with Clippers and/or Scissors.Finished with a Hot Lather Neck Shave

Men's Haircut and Wash


Haircut with Clippers and/or Scissors, Hot Lather Neck Shave & Finished
with a hair wash that will feel you leaving refreshed

Hot Towel Shave


Straight Razor Shave With a Hot Towel

Signature Shave


Straight Razor Shave With 2 hot towels , Shaved Going With The Grain & a Second Time Against The Grain. Finished With a Cucumber Mask.

Shape up


Sideburns & Hairline Cleanup Between Haircuts

Beard Trim


Trim The Beard With Clippers & Finished With a Hot Towel

Men’s Hair Coloring


Take Year Off. Blend Out Grey With a Hair Coloring Treatment